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This is the first update when I have sat down and thought “where do I start?” There has been so much going on with the development this month that it is hard to fit it all in a post here. Through the month we have steadily moved from working on our architectural changes, through to preparing for our first public test. The risks and gambles we took last year, are now beginning to pay serious dividends for us.

I’ll be covering the following in this update:

  • Lighting and material improvements
  • Volumetric Cloud system
  • New Server Architecture
  • Clothing/Inventory status
  • Closed Test Status
  • Art/World updates
  • Customizing your character
  • Customizing your weapon

Lighting and material improvements

One of our Lead Artists, Mario Kurty, has been working with some of the ArmA3 artists to ensure that DayZ Standalone has the best visuals possible. The result is pretty striking when combined with some of the other improvements we have made in the engine. These improvements make the world really come to life, improving the visuals overall. A comparison screenshot is included and demonstrates the effect of this.

Volumetric Cloud system

This has now been fully configured for use within DayZ, used to great effect in Bohemia’s previous product Take on Helicopters (and coming in ArmA3 also). There are several pictures of this included in the screenshots for this blog update. Running around the world taking pictures, it was hard to resist really. It adds a real sense of realism when compared with the previous result.

New Server Architecture

Our lead programmer, Ondřej Španěl, continues his work on redeveloping our server architecture. Contrary to some who say DayZ will be releasing with no anti-hack mechanisms, one of the key things we are doing with development is entirely redeveloping how the engine works. I can’t stress enough just how fundamental this change is. DayZ’s game servers will function like servers in other MMO style games, that is the server will control the behavior and the sending of updates. No longer will your machine receive all the updates allowing their analysis by various cheats.

We are exploring spawning all zombies and loot at the start of server initialization, again a huge departure from the previous mechanism. This solves many design and technical issues with the spawning and respawning of equipment, such as being able to metagame by telling whether players are in a village by seeing zombie’s have spawned.

Clothing/Inventory status

This has now been completed to a basic level, you can put on and drop various items of clothing. These items can have diseases on them, and they have durability and other attributes. We need to make some models that represent the clothes when they are on the ground (currently they look as they are when on the ground!) Once this is done, we will be releasing some video outlining what it looks like to change your clothes.

Closed Test Status

We have begun our internal closed testing (yes!) and have been working with Valve to ensure our new server browser system is working (we utilize Steam for this purpose rather than Gamespy as for ArmA2). The Server/Client architecture needs to be fully implemented before we will begin our public testing.

We have not initiated our closed test that includes external people yet (such as streamers).

Art/World updates

A huge quantity of changes are flowing into the world. New areas, a mass of new objects (such as wrecked vehicles, buses, etc…) that are all designed with DayZ in mind - such as having good areas for loot to spawn. It is really impossible to list all the changes here, from bug fixing to redesigning of buildings such as the general store, and onto entirely new buildings and areas. One of our texture artists has been going through existing work and making them look more damaged and used.

Customizing your Character

The design has now really ramped up. This is really the entire focus of our efforts for the next few months, prior to starting on vehicle customization and finally on base building at the end of the year. The obvious starting point for us is to allow players to select the gender and race of their character. Beyond this, allowing ways for your character to become your own are key for us; from getting tattoo’s to finding unique clothing items, trying to deal with your own health aliments, etc…

This is an area of very active development, we’re exploring all sorts of ways to make your character change in the world as you play. When you first create your character, the options will be simple. As you go along in the world, your character will change as a result of their interactions with the environment and the decisions you make, through items such as clothing choices.

Social aspects are extremely important to us, and we’ve taken a number of idea’s and participated in the discussions on reddit and the forums about what we can do in this area. Expect more on these area’s in the next tumblr update. We want to support the organic development and operation of groups within the game, through the development of their own symbology in game (tattoo’s, markings on the world, on weapons, etc…). We feel that these redeveloped social experiences told through the game will be a compelling part of the standalone.

Customizing your weapon

Weapon attachments are a great bi-product of our entire redesign of every aspect of the inventory system. Nothing is available to show on this yet, currently the only attachment we have fully configured in the game is the magazine. You must load the magazine with ammunition and then it is considered an attachment to the weapon. The quantity and condition of your magazines will be particularly important in the standalone. Look after them!

When is it releasing?

We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation, more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up. Our development blog and getting players in and testing as soon as possible will be key in ensuring we succeed in making this a great game.

Concluding words

At no point in development, have I been as excited as I am right now. The risks we took with the direction have paid off. The engine and approach of the game is now entirely DayZ’s own, it is striking out into it’s own territory as a project. This is very exciting for all the team.

I do need to caution though, it is a bad idea to overhype the project. We know that there are many challenges that we will face from deciding to effectively write a new engine tailored to DayZ. But we are now entirely confident, that this decision will prove to have been the best decision we could make. Now we will be able to make the game that we’ve all always wanted.

Change Your Looking By Using These Top-indent Fasion Design Suggestions

Change Your Looking By Using These Top-indent Fasion Design Suggestions 

At the time you have an animated docket, which could realize you having an unlucky deficiency of vogue sense. You can re-energize your feeling in vogue observation again to being once more. The style tips in this post will help you turn into the ideal classy once more. 

Endeavor to contribute your money related plan on straightforward areas. Put cash into segments that happen to be ever-enduring. Attempt on in the ballpark of a smart dark pencil skirt with tops and jackets each year. 

A delightful tote is a great embellishment in your clothing, yet dependably be sure it supplements your other purses far as well. Avert transporting a mess more than two totes at once. 

Extremely long hair is really an anxiety all through a dynamic day. At the time you don’t have the an opportunity to style it, utilize a versatile hairband and easily tie again hair. 

Lighter weight washes and shining colors are far substantially more suited for ordinary look. 

Attempt utilizing a saturating cleanser and conditioner would it be advisable for you to have issue with frizz.this offers the hair by declining to secure compelling sogginess. Maintain a strategic distance from items which make volume this incorporates wheat or grain and rice. 

Provided that you have issues with frizz, abstain from utilizing a shower towel to widely dried out it. This can issues your own particular hair and expedite likely set to frizz. You are simply wanting to craving to manage it utilizing a fabric and prod onto it to discover the drinking water out. The point when your hair is dried out, recall to brush and brush hair. 

Don’t prod your mascara recall to brush into and out of your compartment. It would just trap air all through the jug. This movement could help the likelihood of bacterial development. Move your brush with all the compartment being a more secure decision. 

Great and clean your wardrobe each once in awhile.a restricted and muddled storeroom flooding in alternatives truly diminishes your vogue decisions. Look through your storeroom, discovery complimenting or that don’t match you viably. Utilizing various standard areas which are adaptable is superior to dangling inside your wardrobe. 

That old standard that you ought not utilize white-colored once Labor Working day get-away is quite totally off! You can utilize pieces of clothing as a part of essentially at whatever time don’t let a specific date keep you from wearing the color. Provided that your whole form looks incredible in white, utilize it, yet do determine the material is proper to the time of year. No individual will be descending to you observing it. 

Join to a style e-update to keep present with a percentage of the freshest styles. This will probably assist keep all of you of the qualified data on designs which could be inside this time of year. 

Keep away from designed attire with expansive shapes provided that you are of your greater whole figure estimating. Tremendous outlines could be exceptionally unflattering and definately will highlight your measurements. 

Another layer may have some detached join all through the shoulder zone or vents. These strings tend not to look appear a little sloppy.just lower them off with a little set of scissors. This might be a straightforward step can enhance your sort. 

A solitary extremely exceptional pattern insight is endeavoring on a thing that you will regularly in no way, shape or form utilization. This can aid you to an additional look. This is unquestionably a tremendous route to incorporate some determination to your wardrobe. 

Utilize some solid shades to system your framework gains. A set of jeans or maybe a skirt in the sound coloration pullover will abandon all the consideration coordinated to that eye getting unsettled skirt. Wearing a bright top evaluated with a set of different people closer your eyes. 

1 urgent thing to remember in vogue standard is grasping figuring out how to make the precise best frill alternatives. Flaunt one specific or bracelet.accomplishing this can place keep tabs on that one piece subsequently making you looking extraordinary. 

The proper additional items can unquestionably make a dress. Embellishments for instance ear-rings, hoops, and pendants, likewise they incorporate as a rule disregarded additional items. The best hairdo and footwear is an additional can get a mess from perusing through style periodicals identifying with relating outfits. 

Make a plan basically for apparel and embellishments. You just need a couple of amazing segments or get some exceptional wages to handle your storage room better a thing at any given time. 

Whether you’re into incredible bargain attire or prototypal segments, don’t minimal effort thrift stores when searching for your upcoming configuration get. You could discover your upcoming favored pants or tee shirt may be for a thrift retailer. 

Don’t disregard the adequacy of including adornments. The right determinations of segments can redesign to generally one of your clothes.make beyond any doubt you review the general look that you are at present looking to acquire when you are setting a clothing together. 

Thin denim pants could be the most recent jean require not must be thin to utilize slight bluejeans. They will probably slimmer generally framework structures since they simple and level the base 50% of the whole figure. 

There are loads of periodicals you might source to really attentive to what existing vogue patterns are. 

Verify you dependably have sufficient dresser you store articles of clothing in is exceptionally spacious. May as well your wardrobe is unobtrusive and each of your dress is tightly stuffed in, your clothes will get demolished. There ought to be about an inches or 2 of room amidst all things in your dresser. 

They might assist in keeping you present with the most cutting-edge inclinations. You might be all set for just about any event after some expert help. 

When you look at this report, you need to have an extraordinary bargain of routes to get yourself looking up to date at the end of the day. Don’t ever get so captivated with all the flow stuff occurring in your existence so you disregard to place some focus in your sort and support oneself looking radiant. 

Great Fashion Tips For you more interesting!

Great Fashion Tips For you more interesting!

You want fashionable dress and looks great no matter how old or young you are. An idea of ​​the eternal fashion, while there are always new things coming around.

Buy clothes based solely on sales. If you flatter, there is no reason to buy it. You will eventually leave stale in the cupboard and that means your money, because you’ll never wear.

Do not feel like you have to be perfect in your quest for fashion. If you try to create perfection, you will have until the end disappointed. Some looks can be found in the most fantastic fashion ideas come from people who are “disabled” modest and fashionable clothing instead.

Fashion is about more than just clothes and accessories around. A failure to consider is how much of a bad hair can ruin your clothes if you do not look fabulous.

They are the preferred choice for many women because they make them look longer and slimmer. When you have a pair of shoes that pinch, be sure not to get the extra thick, if you have trouble walking in them.

Just because the trend is popular does not mean you have to follow it. Follow your taste, not someone else. Trust your instincts when it comes to this. They will take you on the right track.

Many people just need to make sure that they match your shoes belt. This will give you a classic and sophisticated look.

Each ensemble requires a solid foundation. A bra will give your figure and make it more attractive. You want every outfit you choose to wear your clothes to support your body and give you a slim figure. There are a lot of the clothes only for slender figure and hide imperfections.

Do not feel as someone commented on your way down. Everyone does not have to look like a celebrity on the way they dress.

Consider the shape of your figure when choosing your dress clothes. You may not post something like wearing a low-cut blouse, but you can have long legs for other options.

You may want an expert mode to go shopping with your rent. This is especially true if you are working with all the seasonal trends.

One good point to try on the clothing items you would normally wear. It can help you to put something new look. It’s the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe and give yourself more options.

If you want to put on a pair of shorts for an afternoon event with colleagues and friends, avoid socks look. It is an apt eye for small children in kindergarten. Keep your look sophisticated by choosing to wear sandals or socks with your hidden shame.

Pay attention to the clothes you buy. It is important that you read the labels to see what ingredients go into making labels.

Stay away from the boat crew neck and neck if you have a large bust. Try v-neck instead. A V-neck will help to improve your frame and make you look much more appealing. Try it for yourself by keeping two identical shirts and you will see that the v-neck look better on you.

If you would prefer suspenders, you at least fashion suspenders sport.

Know your own body shape and determine what works for your style. Do you like the square shape, hourglass, hourglass or straight up and down? Your body shape will help to a certain style that works best for you to build.

You do not necessarily have to have cosmetic surgery if you want your lips appear fuller. Use light-colored lipstick or lip gloss with a shiny glaze. Dark lipstick can make the lips look thin and should be avoided.

Many people forget the glasses as part of their basic glasses while trying to look chic. You can show your appearance.Try many different styles and find the one you love.

You need to take a bit of time so you know what you do every season.

Changes in the fast, but read about the latest fashion can help. Magazines and online blogs are the source of information for trends. You can always choose what you want in relation to your own style and taste.

Try to combine both traditional and trendy. Classic item will last you a while and you can change the look with a nice belt accessorizing.Wear warm new color with a few black pants.You cute accent wearing a scarf with a shirt tailored to it look better.

Do not let other people control things you wear. There is no such animal is the right style. Each person must choose for themselves what they want. If someone tries to tell you what to wear or not wear, then you should tell them that their opinion will affect your choice.

Use bronzer on your cheekbones to make them appear longer. You will search high cheekbones and glossy. High cheekbones will continue to look for your style. This is just one of the many simple keys to success.

Always working on keeping clothes clean and new. Consider hand washing your clothes from here on out so they are not damaged by the washing machine or dry.

Make you more items to see care instructions.

There must be at least one event in the future you need to look more formal. Whether it’s a date, a wedding, prom, or other event, you want to be ready. Easy and sure looks great with the tips in this article. It’s not hard to look fashionable and stylish.

Always look good if this advice

Always look good if this advice

Changing fashion trends and go back and go very quickly. Read the following article to find fashion tips.

Add a Band fashion upgrade.You a band in many styles and colors.

Spending your fashion budget on the basics. Buy clothes are timeless and will never go out of style. You can easily create a simple black pencil skirt with a peak and is still fierce.

One thing you will want to do is always looking for new trends and changes. They usually catch on new trends fastest.

It will make your body look more spacious than it is. Instead, wear clothes with vertical patterns, which appeared to lengthen your body and make you looks thinnger.

Are you a pair of pants or jeans? There are many styles and sizes when it comes to jeans. It may seem like a bit of a classic style overwhelming.Select jeans straight leg or boot cut. This style looks good on almost anyone and make the most out of your money.

Do not follow fashion trends just because they are in another. Follow what you love, not the flavor of the month is held by the fashion fabric. Trust your instincts. They will take you on the right path.

Let those around you know if you need their clothes hand-me-downs. It’s a great way to get fashionable clothes for free.

Every great outfit starts with a solid foundation to look her best. A bra will help define your figure and looks very attractive. You should wear your clothes to support and look smoother appearance. There are a lot of the clothes only for slender figure and hide flaws.

Keeping up with the fashion trends with a unique taste. Wear colors that traditionally go together, or two patterns, or shoes that perfectly match your clothes.

Wear clothes that fit your body type. You may not post something like wearing a low-cut blouse, but you can have long legs for other options.

Quilted fabric is a great alternative for use in style this winter.

A smart idea to fashion to experiment with styles that you do not usually wear. It can help you a whole new look. This is a fantastic way to put a variety to your fashion wardrobe.

Pay attention to and understand the material clothes you buy. It is important that you look at the ingredients listed on the garment.

Spending time with a fashion consultant color flattering to determine. Different colors have different visual effects on people, depending on skin tone, hair color and skin color.

The problem with the oil in men and women experience hormonal oily skin.Your can become unbalanced if you’re stressed. If so, try to use some kind of relaxation technique to calm down.

If you’re constantly traveling for work, buy clothes wrinkle-free. Although most hotels have boards available stock, you do not need to waste time if you do not need ironing. Do not forget to hang garments like shirts nice and tidy.

Carry a small sewing kit in your pocket for easy recovery. If you have a small wardrobe malfunction, you can immediately fix it and avoid embarrassment.

Changes in the fast, but read about the latest fashion can help. Magazines and online blogs are a great way to find information on this trends.You can choose what you like and what works with your taste.

Try to go with 80% / 20% split between the traditional and contemporary style in your wardrobe.Classic things will last for years and you can change the look by accessorizing. Wear a nice belt in a hot new color with a few black pants.You your classic shirt with a cute accent with a scarf a solid colored shirt.

The best areas are the shoulders, back or legs when you play them, you will look better and feel more confident. It will take your body parts, you will find less than flattering.

Do not let others dictate what to draw. There is not such thing style.Everyone the right to choose which fashion trends they want to follow. If someone is trying to control what you wear, then you should tell them that their opinion will affect your choice.

There are many internet websites and magazines that you can get that will make you realize what the current fashion trends.

Keep the tape around to various fashion purposes. If your pants are loose because of varying weight, you need something to prevent slipping when you move. This is a great tip is useful for people of all ages.

Many women often do not wear underwear are considered important. Your underwear is the foundation for everything you wear. Get measured if you’re not sure your clothes are the right size.

Wear heels square with square heel if your feet are short.

You do not have to feel lost about fashion. There are many ways to better fashion ideas to implement in your daily life. The suggestions you just read will help you find your own personal style.

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